"Empowering and inspiring our community to develop passion towards their physical journey"

The Handlebar is built around a love for cycling and teaching. We are passionate about fitness and authentic to the sport. Riders are the top priority. Our focus is to make each and every rider, whether seasoned or a first-timer, feel comfortable and special. 

We are a locally-owned family business focused on our community and its health. Indoor cycling is great for all ages and all fitness levels.



The Handlebar is Tacoma's only indoor cycling studio. For those looking for a workout like no other, join us for a ride as you take a journey that leaves you sweating buckets and wanting more. Top notch instructors and motivational music in an intimate setting - this is not your typical cycle class. The Handlebar takes riders on a physical and mental journey that not only empowers them, but gives them the opportunity to escape their daily stress, reach new goals and feel a sense of community amongst fellow riders.


Why indoor cycling?

  • All ages and fitness levels will find a good ride challenging and rewarding.
  • You control your own workout. You are always in control of the tension in the flywheel and the cadence of the cycle.
  • Indoor cycling is a non-impact activity so it causes less stress on the knees, hips, and ankles.
  • Indoor cycling is ideal for those recovering from injury or just looking for an alternative to running.
  • Your ride provides you with an amazing aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular workout as it strengthens the heart and helps lower your resting heart rate.
  • You can burn 400-800 calories per class.
  • Spinning is fun!  Just listen to our clients, who can't get enough of indoor cycling.

Where are we located?

The Handlebar Cycling Studio is located in Downtown Tacoma, at 715 Commerce St.  We proudly host classes for the indoor cycling classes for the surrounding community, including cyclers from Federal Way, Fife, Milton, and Puyallup.