Meet Dave our new cycle instructor!

A lifelong athlete, Dave started cycling over 15 years ago and coaching cycling 7 years ago.DAVE

His personal mission is changing lives through fitness. Dave’s passion for Group Fitness arises out of his desire to promote Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional wellness. Group fitness played a critical role in helping him rehab and recover from sports related injuries years ago.
He is ACE certified, and holds certifications in cycling and tabata training.
Dave’s cycling resume includes completion of more than 100 Centuries (100 miles), including the Death Ride 4 times and STP in a day (204 miles in 10 hours).
His classes are designed to accommodate accomplished athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and exercise newbies. If you are looking for a FUN, SAFE, and CHALLENGING workout catch a ride with Dave!


Commit to Stay Fit

2016 commit to stay fit_copy

How is your commitment going?

Let us know how your commitment to staying fit in 2016 is going. Tricks to keep you motivated? Goals you are working on? How can we help you commit to stay fit in 2016? Just comment below! 

Remember to keep up your "Commit to Stay Fit" goal to be entered to win great prizes at The Handlebar.


Commit to Stay Fit Challenge

Commit to attending 3, 4 or 5 classes per week for 60 days. Sign up by January 7th by putting your name on the Commit to Stay Fit board inside the studio. Once you have committed to X number of classes per week, it is all up to you to hit your goal!

Prizes will be awarded to those that achieve their commitment level over the course of 60 days.

Commit to Stay Fit Performance Bonus

In addition to committing to 3, 4 or 5 classes per week, you will have the option to track your personal performance over the course of 60 days. This challenge will ask you to record your highest Total Energy from week 1, week 5 and week 9. Those with the highest percentage increase will be entered into a bonus drawing for some great prizes.

Individual Total Energy stats will be emailed to The Handlebar staff three times over the 60 day challenge to track progress.

Star your new year off right by committing to stay fit!


Transformation for Life

Joren hit his goal of 50,000 pushups today!!! Way to go Joren. Congrats on achieving your goal! Cheers to the New Year and your next goals! Read More


Performance IQ now at The Handlebar

Check out what is new at the Handlebar. Results you can see and rides to challenge yourself! Ask us more about it and how we can help you preform your best and track your results with Performance IQ!


New Classes, New Instructors and FREE Classes!!


We will be adding another class to our Sunday mornings starting this Sunday, Oct. 12th at 10:10am. Help us welcome Stephanie back to our Sunday mornings with a FREE ride!   So don't wait, sign up today.  Free to the first 20 people who register.



Becky will still be teaching the 9am so now you have twice the chances to ride on Sundays!




This is the first Halloween for The Handlebar so we are going BIG!  For those that know us, we go all out for this holiday.  We are bringing the excitement, the décor and the party to the studio on Saturday, Oct. 25th.  So mark your calendars for a fun evening of costumes, beverages, entertainment and a chance to win FREE RIDE PASSES.  You have 3 weeks to get your costumes ready!   Halloween is NOT just a kids' holiday!


After the party get ready for some themed, costume rides throughout the week leading up to Halloween.  This will be a week of riding you won't forget!




Earning the first two "yellow jerseys" were handlebar members, Cindy Foss and Rebecca Ray.  We want to congratulate both of you for earning that jersey by riding 100 rides with us!  What an awesome accomplishment.  They earned their plaque on the wall as well as their 100 Ride yellow jerseys.


Looking for a goal this Fall?  We want your name on our 100 Ride Wall! In fact, we want the entire bike filled with yellow jerseys. We need your help to do that!  Ride 100 times with us as earn your own yellow jersey.

Cindy and Rebecca proudly wearing their hard- earned jerseys!




Workouts are always best when you have a great support team.  Join our Corporate Challenge and save!  If you and 4 of your co-workers sign up for our monthly unlimited membership or VIP membership, you all save 10%!!   Get ahead of the holiday treats and gift baskets that surround your office every holiday season.  Get your co-workers to join you so you don't have to fight those cookies and pastries alone!


Please contact Becky @ when your team is ready. 




Our 2nd Cycle & Yoga workshop was just as incredible as the first.  Rebecca Ray brought some new, challenging and targeted poses to class that left the room feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energized.  Thank you all for those that attended this sold out workshop.  Given the popularity of this class, you can look for more to come in the near future!





We are canceling our Wednesday noon class until further notice. 


Get on your bikes and RIDE! (and save 20% at The Handlebar while doing so!)


We have teamed up with Downtown on the Go to promote alternative transportation and healthy living. Every Monday in August you will receive 20% off your next ride or 20% off apparel if you bike to our studio.  Take advantage of our amazing weather and get outdoors. Commute to work, then to The Handlebar by bike and save money!.  Your bike will be safe in the studio during class.  Remember we have 3 classes on Mondays- 5:40am, 12pm and 5:40pm.  Get moving and save!

(Valid for 1 Ride Passes only.)



With great anticipation our women's tank tops are back in stock.  Check out our new black tanks and fun, bold green ones.  These are loose fitting tanks that suit anyone. $16.


Handlebar die-hard Diane, rockin' our green tank


Want to win FREE apparel? Just snap a photo of yourself at the studio and post it on Facebook.  Be sure you tag The Handlebar Cycling Studio and add hashtag #handlebarhighlife.  Winning photos will be announced weekly.  TIme to have fun and get creative.  Bonus points for adding friends or your instructor to your photo.


 Shannon's selfie with "the 'stache"










Ownin' It

If you haven't noticed our OWN IT wall is filling up!!!  We are so stoked that so many of you have put your 1 Mile time on the board.  Remember, it's about you taking ownership of your workouts.  Putting in the effort, sweat and pain and coming out on top!






I Mustache You a Question - Get to know our member Cindy Foss


What is your favorite way to relieve stress? Ride my bike on a sunny day!

Favorite healthy food? Rice cakes, almond butter and bananas

Favorite not-so-healthy food? Chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal and nuts

What song gets you going?  Welcome to the Future by Brad Paisley – yes, I like country music

When did you start indoor cycling? October 2011

Favorite move on the bike? Endurance (the 10 minutes on Saturday and this morning!

What was your favorite or most unique job? – nothing unique unless you consider working in the lettuce and cabbage fields as a teenager.  My favorite job is the one I have now working at Tacoma Water.  My work team is a wonderful group who work hard and get things done.

Favorite saying, motto or quote?  Don't find fault, find a remedy -  Henry Ford