Tacoma, Washington Indoor Cycling Studio


Indoor cycling is a group workout sweeping gyms across the nation, and the Handlebar Cycling Studio is excited to bring spin classes to Tacoma, Washington.  Taking an indoor cycling class gives you fifty straight minutes of calorie-burning cardio exercise that will increase your endurance and build your confidence.  Plus, adding a few spin classes a week to your fitness routine is easy on your schedule and affordable.  So, Tacoma, Washington, are you ready to get fit?  Join us for one of more than 20 weekly classes offered at our indoor cycling studio right in downtown Tacoma!  Which class is right for you?


Our Weekly Classes:


This 90-minute ride will take you through the countryside or over a mountain pass.  It's time to escape the daily grind and get away from it all.  This ride will challenge your physical and mental endurance.  Come well rested, well hydrated and ready to work. 
*No additional charge for longer classes.
From intervals to long hill climbs, this 50-minute class is packed from start to finish. Lose yourself in the motivating music and challenge your body and soul. You'll be thankful you came!
After 50-minutes of sweatin' on the bikes we finish with a 10-minute short and intense core workout. Did someone say washboard abs?!

Cycle & TRX is a 60-minute full body class that includes 30-minutes on the bike and 30-minutes of circuit training designed to build muscular strength and stamina. You'll get the best of both worlds as you torch calories while building endurance and muscular strength.

After a packed 30-minute bike ride, you'll ditch the bike and hit the floor for a fun interval workout using your own body weight. You'll be lunging, planking, pushing and dipping your way to a leaner, toner, fitter you.


From intervals to long hill climbs, this 50-minute class is packed from start to finish. Lose yourself in the motivating music and challenge your body and soul. You'll be thankful you came!
Get your weekend started with a 45 minute ride.  
Get the weekend started right with a 50-minute ride that will make you forget about your hard work week.  Re-energize with some pumpin' music that will surely put  you in a good mood. 
Join us for a Sunday morning stroll through fast flats and heavy hills.  This 60-minute class is packed with variety and challenges for every fitness level whether you're a beginner or veteran.  
This 50-minute class will get your engines started better than any cup of coffee.  We'll climb, sprint and push our way through rides and always come out feeling better about ourselves and our bodies.  You'll be ready to tackle any obstacles that come your day the rest of the day. Your adrenaline will be soaring as you walk out with a smile on your face.

Ready to challenge your workouts with high intensity, powerful movements? This class has 30-60 second timed interval sets combining TRX and cardio/plyometric drills. Guaranteed to keep your heart rate pumping and burning mega calories while you change your body from the inside out. Class is 50 minutes.  This is a non-cycle class.

All Levels Welcome. 


TRX is a total body resistance training program in which your body is your machine. TRX training develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously by leveraging gravity and body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to increase or decrease resistance.


This 45 minute class will consist of 30 minutes of strength building TRX and 15 minutes of RX stretching to leave you feeling strong, empowered and ready to conquer your day.
All levels welcome.
Hit the hills and push the flats to some favorite tunes from the past. Whether it's a remix or the original, this class will bring back songs from the 2000s, 90s, 80s and 70s that are sure to put a smile on your face. You'll be sweating and torching tons of calories with some refreshing beats. Add some cheer in to your Thursday with our Throwback ride!