Becky, along with her husband Ryan, are the owners of The Handlebar. She has been teaching indoor cycling, kickboxing and boot camps for 12 years.  
As a former runner/triathlete she now focuses on cycling.  Having done STP with her husband she hopes to conquer some new rides this year. 
She is the mother of two adorable boys, Major and Lincoln, whom you'll probably see time and again hanging out at the studio. She lives and breaths health and fitness and believes it's never too early to instill those values onto children.  Make a difference - be a role model. It's amazing how impactful your positive actions are to someone.
You get one life. One chance to be your best.  Have fun and make everyday count.  
Becky will push your limits both physically and mentally with rides that challenge every aspect of your being.  She will ask you to dig deep, suffer through and always come out stronger, better and faster.  Be prepared to break through personal barriers, conquer mountain tops and blaze through city streets during her rides. 
Her certifications include Maddog Athletics, ACE and Keiser.
Get ready to sweat because her classes are high energy, sweat-soaked extravaganzas with lots of positive energy. Shannon has been involved in organized sports and outdoor activities her entire life. She played Division I college softball and continues to play softball at the highest level. Her athletic and coaching background in competitive sports provides her with a broad expertise in working with all types of clients.
She has continued to work with a variety of people focusing on strength and conditioning, cycle, and group fitness classes delivering her clients with the most effective and innovative training methods. Shannon has a passion for fitness and the enthusiasm to motivate her students as well as the intensity challenge the most fit athletes. She brings it and expects the same from her clients. If it's not hard its not worth it, so come ready to work. Results are achieved when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Expect great things!!!!!
Shannon is certified in both AFAA Group Fitness, Keiser Indoor Cycling, Les Mills International BodyPump, BootyBarre and has been teaching group fitness since 2010.
Lindsey is a life-long cyclist with the goal of getting you to love every minute on your bike, whether it’s inside at The Handlebar or outside on two wheels. In addition to having completed seven century rides and logged thousands of miles on her road bike, Lindsey has been teaching indoor cycling since 2013.

Lindsey loves all sports, but found her passion in the outdoor endurance sport world – running, cross-country skiing, hiking, and cycling. She thrives off of motivating people to find that inner strength to keep going. Teaching people of varied skills and abilities is one Lindsey’s favorite parts of indoor cycling. She has had to fight her way back after three knee surgeries over the last five years, so she understands the need to take each day on its own and respect your body, but will encourage and motivate you to keep reaching for the next level. We’re all so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for!

Another great part about teaching that Lindsey takes very seriously is the honor of being a DJ for your workout, so come ready to rock out as you sweat.

Lindsey is certified in Maddog Athletics and AFAA Group Fitness.

Joren made a small change a couple years ago that would have a dramatic impact on his life and fitness. It started as a personal challenge of 100 push-ups a day (read his transformation story on our blog). A year later and not only did he achieve his goal of 50,000 push-ups in a year, but he discovered a love for health and fitness. He wanted to inspire and help others achieve their fitness goals so he started teaching TRX.
When he is not teaching TRX at The Handlebar, Joren works as a pathologist.  He enjoys spending time with family, cooking Thai food for friends and family, reading and working out.
His classes are designed for all fitness levels.  Funny yet serious, his teaching style will have you laughing and sweating while feeling accomplishments and satisfied.
Though an active person her entire life, Lexie had never taken a spin class when she walked into The Handlebar 2 years ago. She entered the studio as a brand new cyclist, with more than a little trepidation about the sport, but quickly fell in love with the workout, the community and the people. So much so that she is now sharing that love and enthusiasm with our clients as an instructor. Her classes are sweat-filled, dance music themed rides that will leave you breathless... literally.

Lexie also brings her belief in wellness and healing with her business, Fluid Movement Massage, located in the loft of the studio. She offers client-centered care with a focus on pain reduction and increased athletic performance, firmly believing that taking care of your body is a vital part of self-care.

Outside of Handlebar, Lexie enjoys getting out and exploring the great outdoors, hiking and backpacking with her boyfriend Scott and their dog. She loves to travel, is a mediocre cook but excellent wine taster and always enjoys a good pun.

Sydnie is a Certified Personal Trainer with a background in sports medicine. She is passionate about helping people live their best lives through fitness, nutrition, and mindset. She enjoys building relationships while showing her students that living a fit life is a journey, not a destination.  She loves joining arm in arm with her students on the path together. Her classes are full of inspiring and positive energy as she challenges and motivates her students to work hard, push their limits and have fun!
Sydnie believes that our mindset is our strongest muscle and can take us to whatever heights we would like to achieve. Her certifications include AFAA group fitness, AFAA Personal training, TRX, and Les Mills RPM.
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