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"Empowering and inspiring our community to develop a passion towards their physical   journey."

Handlebar Cycling Studio is Tacoma's only indoor cycling studio. For those looking for a workout like no other, join us for a ride as you take a journey that leaves you sweating and wanting more. Top-notch instructors and beat-heavy motivational music in an intimate setting make for a workout experience like no other. We strive to take our clients on a physical and mental journey that not only empowers them but allows them to escape any daily stress, reach new goals, and feel a sense of community amongst fellow members.


While we specialize in indoor cycling, we are passionate about building strength in various styles. We offer classic 45-minute rhythm focused cycling classes that will challenge you through a series of speed intervals, climbs, and carefully crafted choreography to get your heart rate moving and combination classes like Cycle & Abs and Cycle & TRX. We also offer boot camp classes that concentrate on developing strength, balance, mobility, endurance, core, and heart health through a full-body workout. Expect high energy and beat-heavy music in each of our classes!  


At Handlebar, inclusivity is paramount. We want each person, new or returning, of any age and fitness level to feel like they belong at the studio. We know new experiences can be nerve-wracking, but modifications are always offered, never judged upon, and questions are always welcomed. 

Handlebar Cycling Studio | 5006 Center St Suit C, Tacoma, WA 98409

** Parking is free on the street and in the lot in front or across the street.**

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