Steve Smith

Owner/ Personal Trainer /Spin Instructor

Steve is from East Lansing who attended Michigan State University. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor he has taught anywhere from large gyms to boutique gyms and spinning studios like Cyclebar and Full Psycle. He fills a room with his energy! His classes are dialed up, high energy and totally addicting! 

Cristiana Ventura


Cristiana is a South Sound local and will forever be a proud University of Washington Husky! Her indoor cycling journey began when she lost a bet with friends and was forced to go to a Handlebar Cycling class the next day. Since that one class, she got the indoor cycling bug and hasn't turned back–it is the only workout to truly "stick" for her. Through positive vibes and beat-heavy music, Cristiana is passionate about using fitness as both motivation and meditation.

Aside from teaching, Cristiana works hard as a marketing and communications professional. She enjoys rediscovering the local PNW area, sunny weekend hikes, and a solid happy hour.


Lexie Sleight 


Though an active person her entire life, Lexie had never taken a spin class when she walked into The Handlebar 2 years ago. She entered the studio as a brand new cyclist, with more than a little trepidation about the sport, but quickly fell in love with the workout, the community and the people. So much so that she is now sharing that love and enthusiasm with our clients as an instructor. Her classes are sweat-filled, dance music themed rides that will leave you breathless... literally.

Lexie also brings her belief in wellness and healing with her business, Fluid Movement Massage, located in the loft of the studio. She offers client-centered care with a focus on pain reduction and increased athletic performance, firmly believing that taking care of your body is a vital part of self-care.

Outside of Handlebar, Lexie enjoys getting out and exploring the great outdoors, hiking and backpacking with her boyfriend Scott and their dog. She loves to travel, is a mediocre cook but excellent wine taster and always enjoys a good pun.